Adele Bevacqua

ADELE BEVACQUA ‘Just Sort It’ acrylic on canvas


100cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas, box framed

Thanks for joining me on my artistic journey.

Becoming an artist has certainly been a rocky but exciting one. I failed art in school because I have such a messy deconstructed style, and my teacher didn't seem to think this was proper art. This really impacted on my opinion of my work and I struggled with confidence in my art for a long time. When I decided to study fashion at uni I had to pick up a pencil again, and I began to explore different channels of creativity and gaining confidence again. I started sketching and really enjoyed what simple lines could achieve on paper. 

While studying fashion and marketing I went to live in India for six months as an exchange student. This is where I truly fell in love with colour - the poorest of the poor would wear the brightest colours and it was such a beautiful reflection of joy in all circumstances. These women would wear the biggest smiles, and after this I associated these emotions with intense colour. 

After finishing uni I then began to really explore painting, and this is the stage I still find myself. Forever in exploration, and that's the beautiful thing about art. There's always something new and interesting you can do - I don't ever want to think I've reached a point where I can no longer stretch myself and my skills. 

I currently stock my pieces at The Modern Furniture Store in Brisbane and Uralla Gallery in NSW. I’m working my way up to having a solo exhibition too, watch this space! Thanks to my amazingly supportive husband and two children, I have been finding more time to paint in 2020. It’s certainly been a wild year, and I’m sure the art all around will reflect that! I aim to bring about peace, happiness and emotion through my art, and each piece is up to the viewers interpretation!


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