Angela Hayes

ANGELA HAYES ‘January' Ceramic Sculpture


Stoneware, oxides, slips, glazes

H305, W350, D120 mm

Angela Hayes has returned to her early foundations in Fine Art to establish a ceramic sculpture and design practice from her studio in inner-city Melbourne, Australia.

Angela’s handcrafted ceramic sculpture takes from her years of practicing and teaching landscape architecture and design and from the traditions of ceramics. Both disciplines are drawn upon to create sculpted storylines which are articulated with refined geometries, planar surfaces and custom designed glazes.

Architectural design methodologies and techniques are applied to clay slabs to generate narratives, just as a landscape architect would approach a site to achieve a program brief. Form and surface shift light and shade, alter perspectives, and inspire instants of intrigue and moments of calm.

Though architectonic, Angela’s sculptures are not removed from the ceramic tradition. The genesis of her work is the traditional pouring vessel. The lip, the body, the foot, and the handle are evolved into highly expressive and exaggerated contemporary forms which depart from the functional constraints of the vessel and become instead, a receptacle for the artist’s voice.

Angela has received numerous awards for her designs. Her most recent accolade was the Lizbeth Duncan acquisition award, 2019 for ceramic sculpture. She has exhibited her work interstate, in Hong Kong and in galleries in Melbourne. Her study and practice of ceramics in China and Australia drives a committed practice that aims to contribute to a contemporary ceramics vernacular within the Fine Art field in Australia and internationally.

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