Courtney Bradshaw

COURTNEY BRADSHAW 'Happy Hour’ original painting


acrylic on canvas, framed

91 x 91cm

As featured by EST Living here.

Courtney Bradshaw (°1988, Fremantle, Western Australia) creates contemporary abstract paintings.

Through a focus on light and texture, Courtney captures every day elements in a unique perspective which may no longer reference a recognisable form. Through the deconstruction the viewer is drawn to find a personal meaning and the possible interpretations become infinite.

Natural textures feature in Courtney’s paintings, which often reflect her love of Scandinavian design captured in the play of light streaming on bare floors and white brick walls. While living a simple life on the coast, Courtney is exploring the juxtaposition of the elements of nature; earth, air, water and fire, and the demands of contemporary society. Through this Courtney creates paintings which overflow with personal moments and simultaneously invoke an individual response in the viewer.

Courtney lives in a Scandinavianesque Seaside Barn in Torquay, Vic along with her husband, two young daughters and kelpie. Courtney favours less over more, simple, slow days, DIY and homemade. Courtney loves wood fires, decluttering, second hand shops, whisky, growing her own vegetables and stormy beach walks in oversized knits.

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