Kerryn Levy

KERRYN LEVY Asymmetry Vessel ‘Eucalyptus’


47cm H x 12cm x 8cm

I make to connect.

My aim as an artist and maker is to bring people together through a shared love of clay, landscape and beautiful objects.

Through the production of sculptural, functional and ritual objects, I am able to form relationships with people, connect people with objects, objects with place, and place with people.

Using traditional hand-building processes of pinching, coiling and slabbing, I create objects that remember my touch and long to be held.

Patterns form naturally on the surface of the clay, created by finger marks and traces of the making process. These objects have an inherent connection to the human body that formed them and the landscape whence they came.

I am particularly influenced by the natural environment, the Australian landscape and human interaction with, and within it.

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