Katarina Wells

KATARINA WELLS ‘Marilyn’ Ceramic Vase


26cm x 14cm

One-of-a-kind raw earthenware, sealed with liquid quartz, watertight, in nude

Katarina grew up in Austria and moved to Australia in her early twenties. In 2000 she completed a studio ceramics course at Brookvale TAFE and has been exhibiting her work since 2007. She lives and works at Clareville on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and opens her studio by appointment.

Her aim is to express a sense of balance and harmony through her work. She hand builds her pieces over a period of a few days, to allow the clay to stiffen sufficiently, before adding more coils. This slow process fosters an organic growth, allows for time to step back and observe where a piece intends to go. Raw oxides and porcelain slip finishes that allow the tactile clay surface to remain, are used on many of her vessels.

She finds endless inspiration in the natural world - the colours and textures of rocks, seedpods, wasp's nests or shark eggs found on the beach.

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